A weapon is a piece of equipment used to deal damage. Depending on the weapon's details, it can be either melee or ranged, and deals one of various types of damage. The weapon's damage can be increased by a number of skills and upgrades. The melee weapon uses 0 Device Points and the Primary and Specialty Weapon can use between 1 and 4 points. Characters must equip a weapon in order to attack.

Primary and Specialty Weapons are your ranged weapons, whilst your primary weapon does damage, your specialty weapon sometimes can heal, repair or cloak you, depending on your class. See Specialty Weapons for more details.

For lists of available weapons, see Category:Weapons

Obtaining and Equiping WeaponsEdit

Currently the only way to obtain new weapons is by leveling your Agent. Depending on your class you will receive a new weapon the you can equip via the device bar. To un-equip a weapon or device click with your right mouse button on the device you want to un-equip. To equip a weapon or device left click on the slot you want to use, then left click the weapon or device icon you want, then click save. You can equip multiple times before clicking save.

Upgrading WeaponsEdit

There is currently two ways to increase your weapons output, by equiping upgrades to your agent and by investing skill points into certain agent skills. A uncommon explosive thruster will increase your AOE damage by 1, whilst an epic melee repeater will increase your melee damage by 3. Also investing in skills like Medic Melee I increases your melee damage by 3% and also increase your melee protection by 10.

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