Viking Firing its missiles

Vikings are large bi-pedal Mech type NPCs fought as a boss at the end of High Security missions.

Overview Edit

They are armed with 2 weapons:

  • A high-powered twin Auto Cannon
  • A rapid-fire energy Rocket Launcher

Both weapons are very damaging and fast firing. However, the projectiles themselves travel slowly and the Viking is slow to track it's targets - using the Jetpack to aid in strafing around the room can allow you to avoid all damage.

Viking Standing.

Vikings are also able to stomp the ground damaging players located at melee range.

Vikings are also able to summon in groups of lesser NPCs to help fight the players. Possible reinforcements include Alarm Responders, Support Utility Drones, as well as small groups of Elites (Elite Helot, Elite Alchemist, Elite Assassin).

The combination of the Viking's damage output combined with the disruption the reinforcements can cause make the Viking one of the most dangerous bosses to encounter.

Sector 32 Uber Bot

A group of agents fighting a Viking


  • Missiles are slow but they deal high AoE damage and should be avoided by hiding behind cover or flying with the jetpack.
  • Autogun damage can be outhealed, and even avoided if hidding behind a low high cover since the autoguns are located below the center of the body, making the Viking to stand still and fire at the players but hitting the cover instead of rounding the cver to fire at the players like most nps do.
  • Avoid Melee range.
  • Clear the reinfocements first, specially the Maintenance Drone.

Known LootEdit

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