Name: The Black Company

Agency Leader: Zedanko


Location: US/Europe

Of the Company, By the Company, For the Company. Edit

A 1184

We are a diverse, multi-genre gaming clan formed in 2003. In games, we are a mercenary unit that accepts payment for anything our employers have no wish to do themselves, providing it is based in combat. Through the years, we have played AO, SWG, BF2, WoW, Eve, AoC, CoD4(5), Warhammer Online, and Darkfall. We play to have fun and we play to win.

We have extensive PvP and PvE raiding experience in all types of games. We also offer an easy-going, low drama environment where members can enjoy the game while advancing as a guild. The best and most capable among us will rise in rank to become a sworn brother.

However, we won't take just anyone. We're interested in recruiting quality members, not quantity. To be considered for membership in the Company, players must be motivated, capable, and mature adults. They must be able to carry out orders, follow instructions, be selfless in putting guild success first (Of. By. For.), require no babysitting or hand-holding, and finally...don't be a douchebag. We're looking for strong players who are good sports (gracious in victory and defeat), who play to have fun (no griefers), and are in it for the social experience as much as winning the game.

If you feel that you've got what it takes to become a sworn brother of TBC, then apply now at our forums ( However, be warned that sub-standard applications will be outright denied. Let us know about yourself and why you've come to join. Those who make the cut will become brothers and join us in the fight against the Commonwealth.