Switchblades are large bi-pedal Mech-type NPCs with a spindly appearance. They are fought as the boss of High

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Boss Switchblade.

Security PvE missions.

Overview Edit

Switchblades are swift but are only able to attack in melee range. It will occasionally stop moving and begin spinning quickly in place. All nearby players will be pulled towards the Switchblade faster than they can normally run away (Jetpack assistance will allow an agent to stay in position or slowly move away. Movespeed Upgrades may also help). Any player caught in melee-range during the spin will periodically take significant damage. The range on the suction is roughly three-quarters of the room - while the suction will attempt to move players around obstacles, it does so much slower than when simply pulling the player directly towards the Switchblade.

Switchblades are also able to call for reinforcements during the battle. Alarm Responders, Support Utility Drones, and small groups of Elite agents (Elite Helot, Elite Alchemist, Elite Assassin) are all available to help fight the players.


Depending on the Boss room there are several strategies:

  • If there are boxes, or any kind of obstacle players can place themselves on top of them to avoid being hitted by Switchblades, but that renders players vulnerable to reinforcements.
  • Players can move away while firing avoiding being in melee range while damaging the boss aswell, but this strategy renders players vulnerable to spin suction.
  • Players can stick to a corner, place there a power and a medical station and heal through the damage, a medic and a healing station are enought to heal throught the damage.
  • You can block some of his melee attacks. Be quick dont hold it else you force him to use his Unblockable Melee attack.

Known lootEdit

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As part of the Global Agenda two-year anniversary celebration, any player winning an instanced PvP or PvE mission between January 30 and February 6th 2012 will recieve a miniature version of the Switchblade Boss as a player Pet.

Two Year Anniv SwitchBlade Pet

Pocket Switchblade pet.

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