This is the listing for the agency Specialized Weapons Squad within Global Agenda.


Name: Specialized Weapons Squad
Leader: sWs»Bonzo (Zobon), sWs»Fish and sWs»Vash
Location: Multinational, mostly USA and UK

sWs has been part of the FPS scene since 2000. We have played in Star Trek: Elite Force, Elite Force 2, UT2004, CS:S, BF2142 and UT3 and we look forward to expanding into Global Agenda. Many members have also played the MMORPG EVE Online, so we understand and appreciate the intricacies that an MMO provides. We are a fairly laid-back clan which promotes teamwork, friendship and having fun above personal skill or racking up score-points, however we do enjoy a bit of competition. We do have ranks, but a higher rank merely denotes an increased amount of responsibility an individual has within the clan infrastructure. If you want to know more please visit our website. If you have any questions or wish to apply, please register on our forums.