This is the listing for the agency Remnant within Global Agenda.


Name: Remnant
Leader: Draconin
Location: US

Remnant is a group of MMO players that joined together in City of Heroes in 2006. They then moved to Warhammer: Online when it was released, then to Global Agenda when it was released. They are Casual/Hardcore players, in the sense that they are skilled, but don't devote their lives to the game. They initially joined the DROW agency, because they wanted to experience AvA, but couldn't handle the thickheaded-ness of large agency leadership and formed Remnant in global agenda. They participated exclusively in Merc PvP and PvE missions. Remnant left the game upon the release of the sandstorm patch, because it restricted team size even more, and remnant usually had between 5-9 players online at a time. Now a few members have returned to burn time until another good MMO is released. At the moment they are setting their prospects on Earthrise.