This is the listing for the agency Mongbat within Global Agenda.


Name: Mongbat
Leader: King Slade, Amobius
Location: Mixed, Playing NA server
Alliance: N/A

Mongbat was formed in August, 2006, initially as a guild for Warhammer Online. We have since transformed into a full on gaming community, with members across various virtual worlds and brought together not by one game, but by common interests. Our members hail from all across the globe, but we are primarily made up of American and Oceanic players. We are not a ‘hardcore’ guild, but we do not consider ourselves a simply casual guild either. We look forward to competing in Global Agenda and hope to meet you all soon!

Mongbat is most well known around the gaming community for actual out of game actions. For Warhammer Online they initiated a "raid" on the EA-Mythic Headquarters building, claiming it as their own with a banner. This was an homage to a game function in Warhammer where guilds could take over enemy keeps.

In the summer of 2009, Mongbat sent a care package to Hi-Rez studios, the makers of Global Agenda, correlating with their famous "No- Elves" movement. The package was two bound and gagged stuffed Christmas elves, who had torn clothing and were made up to appear to have been beaten.

Within Global Agenda, Mongbat is a founding member of the MONOLITH Alliance, along with Dusk till Dawn (DtD) and Knights of Valor (KoV).