This is the listing for the Los Pistoles Global Agenda Agency.

Agency Information Edit

Name: Los Pistoles

Leader: Beowulf


Location: US East (Accepting other timezones)

About the Agency

LP began as a small group of hardcore gamers who have end-game or competitive experience in games such as:

Vanguard, Lineage II, Matrix Online,Tabula Rasa, EQ, EQ2, Star Wars Galaxies, Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, City of Heroes/Villains, Graal Online, Unreal Tournament 2004, Unreal Tournament 3, Counter Strike Source, Warcraft 3, Team Fortress 2, and Heroes of Newerth.

The leaders in our agency are level-headed players that excel in the 'art' of gaming. They have competitive league experience in many different FPS games and do in-house testing for Global Agenda game. LP will be prepared to lead in every aspect of the game come launch.

Mission Statement

Our mission in this game is to capture as much territory as possible, form a successful alliance, and be one of the most dominant agencies in North America. We will strive to protect and serve the others in our alliance while we attack and defend territories. We strive to build a strong, organized, mature guild each day as we grow. As a part of this process we have to be careful on who we recruit.

Code of Conduct

-You will act in a 'professional' manner during scheduled agency activities.

-You will treat all agency members with mutual respect and this will carry over to our enemies. Our agency should be respected for our dominant game play, not hated for trash talking.

-We are looking for players that can adapt to changes in the field of combat and in the game overall. Getting frustrated during an encounter is not what we do, instead of screaming ourselves hoarse we discuss what we can do to improve on the encounter and conquer our obstacles.

Trial Information

-Trial members are expected to attend 85% or more of scheduled activities

-Your trial period is a subjective amount of time determined by the officers, normally around one month. If needed, the trial can be extended. If exceptional, the trial can be shortened.

-Trial members are rated on attendance, performance, and feedback from members

-Feedback is gathered from comments made in the trial thread on the forums