Overview Edit

Jetpacks are an important feature of Global Agenda. All classes have access to a Jetpack upon character creation, and improved varients can be found through PvE and PvP missions.

By default, Jetpacks consume 35 power per second, however every class has access to a Skill to reduce their power consumption. Momentum from the player moving before using the jetpack will partially carry into your flight speed, especially in the case of flying straight up. Momentum can also be shifted mid-flight through the movement keys.

Jetpacks play an important role in combat, allowing players easier access up ledges and across chasms, as well as access a few alternate routes to easily defendable areas. They also allow a player to effectively sprint from one point to another at the cost of their power pool, or to quickly escape a situation.

Note that while they cannot be dyed directly, Jetpacks will automatically dye themselves using the colours assigned to your armour.

Jetpack Types Edit

Global Agenda features 4 types of Jetpacks - Regular, Hands-Free, Combat, and Crescent (As of patch 1.39, which reached live servers on December 3rd)

Regular Jetpacks require the player to select them in the device bar (default '4') and hold the Primary Fire button to activate.

Hands-Free Jetpacks do not require the player to activly select the device, and are instead activated by holding the Jump key (default 'Space Bar') while in the air. The primary difference between the Hands-Free and a Regular jetpacks is that the Hands-Free requires the player to Jump or fall before the Jetpack will activate, while the Regular Jetpack requires the player to select the device before being able to activate it. Characters that play through the tutorial will find a Hands-Free Jetpack after a short time - characters that choose to skip the tutorial will find a Hands-Free Jetpack already in their inventory.

Combat Jetpacks are a varient of the Hands-Free, allowing the player to activate devices while the using the Jetpack. These Jetpacks must be purchased from a vendor (7500 Conquest Tokens) or found as a reward for completing a PvE or PvP mission.

The Crescent Jetpack can be looted at the end of a successful mercenary PvP match. These are statistically identical to Combat Jetpacks, take about 5% less energy and fly a bit faster.

Customized Jetpack Trails can also be bought to change the trail the jets leave. The Diesel Engine Trail can be purchased from the vendor on top of Dome City (who can only be reached if the player has an active booster), and others found elsewere in the game.