The Helo
t Minigun is a specialty device exclusively available to the Assault class that is sometimes dropped by Elite Helot during PvE missions. It is confirmed that the weapon drops in high, maximum and ultra-maximum security missions, but there is still doubt if it is available in double agent, or in any of the solo missions. The rare form of the Helot Minigun is the Commonwealth Security Minigun.

This device always comes with a natural [a] mod (currently the only device to have it). These increase its accuracy. It also has a greatly increased knockback power compared to the iMinigun. Its damage is the same as the iMinigun's. Due to its set natural mod, it can never be given a perfect set of any
one device mod, such as [d]. As such, the Helot Minigun fills more of a utility role than the other Assault specialty guns due to its lower potential damage point blank against all targets. It can quickly shove multiple people off of a control point and mess up enemies in the air.
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