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Overview Edit

The GammaBurst Launcher is one of three Rocket Launchers for the Assault class.

The GammaBurst Launcher specializes in devastating large groups of Mechanical targets, with it's Protection debuff and large radius. An explosives Assault with the GammaBurst in a PvE mission can greatly increase their teammates' damage while doing fairly high damage themselves. Debuffing a hard target with the GammaBurst then swapping to the M.A.S.E.R., Rhino SMG, or Stormer and swapping back to reapply the debuff as needed can quickly decimate the sturdier hostiles. The launcher also applies a weaker 5% debuff against human targets, allowing it to help soften up crowds of enemy players grouped on a point.

A specific epic varient of the GammaBurst Launcher is available for purchase at level 30 from Dome City's Assault Gear vendor for 6000 Tokens. In addition there is an Overclocked version with all d mods and a 3% higher base damage available for 30,000 tokens. Uncommon, rare, and other epic varients are occasionally awarded upon successful completion of PvE and PvP missions.

See Also - Headhunter Launcher, MagmaLance Recoilless Rifle

Details Edit

Specialty Weapon
Reduces Protection of Mechanical victims
Primary Fire
Damage per Shot 850
Power per Second 30
Refire Time 1.0s
Effective Range 250 ft.
Radius 5-10 ft.
Alternate Fire
Zoom: Increased accuracy
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