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Facilities in Global Agenda refers to the buildings that can be constructed on territories that have been won by an alliance in campaign mode.


Once an alliance has gained control of a specific territory, they may begin to construct different structures upon the land. These buildings can vary in purpose from defensive to offensive and other more bespoke uses.[1]


Conquesting a HexEdit

Strikeforce Leaders will be able to attack a hex, to gain control of it and it's facilities.

Theft MissionsEdit

Strikeforce leaders will have the option to steal from a Facility instead of conquesting the hex.

  • Mining facilities: Ore
  • Factories: Finished Products like Medical Hubs
  • Labs: Blueprints
  • Defensive Facilities: Will bring down shields temporarily.
  • Missle Facilities: ?

When conquesting a hex there is a small chance a facility will be destroyed if the attackers win the hex.



Resources can be mined for use in building special vehicles and useful things avaliable in conquest. The blueprints from Labs are then used in conjunction with Factories to make finished products. Also, the Forge, which allows you to win a conquest zone, requires special ores only avalible for that map. Ex: Special ore on Sovereign is required to make the Sovereign Forge, and can be found nowhere else.[1]


Defense facilities can be constructed to shield 2 adjacent hexes, protecting them from direct attack. The facility itself can be attacked and then the previously shielded territories can be attacked. Or a Missle Facility can be build to directly attack the hexes being shielded. If bases are captured by all 6 hexes surrounding the base hex by one Alliance/Agency a shield will be projected over all 6 hexes making the only way to attack it is via Missle Facility, which are very seldomly seen, making it safe to put higher level facilties there.


Labs can be build to create blueprints for various things. Higher level Labs will be able to produce higher level blueprints for higher level equipment and vehicles.

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