Elite helot

Elite Helot

Elite Helots are humanoid NPCs found during PvE missions, they can be fought as bosses at the end of Solo missions, and as an uncommon enemy during Medium, High, Maximum, or Ultra-Max Security.

Overview Edit

Armed only with a moderate damage Helot Minigun and a lot of Health.

They sometimes serve as alarm responders, especially in higher difficulty missions.

Note that Helots are able to ignore Recon Stealth if close enough when not otherwise occupied. Unlike many enemies in PvE missions, Helots are vulnerable to the Ignite effect.

Taking fire from the Helot's Minigun causes Pushback - be wary when near fatal obstacles.

Tips Edit

  • Like any other NPC, Helots are vulnerable to Crushers and other obstacles.
  • Forming a Firing Squad behind a Robotic's Force Wall can be an effective strategy.
  • Helots are occasionally accompanied by a Support Utility Drone - kill the drone first.
  • Helots are always trying to get as close as possible. Make sure he doesnt get too close.
  • When a Helot runs away, try to kill him quick. He usuall calls for help and comes back with more forces that are deeper in the mission (not like the support scanners usually do).

Known LootEdit


  • Before Sandstorm, Elite Helots occasionally appeared as bosses in the low security. However, the difficulty level has since been removed and they largely appear as mini-bosses in PvE missions.
  • There is a vanity pet version of the Helot which may be crafted called the Mini-Helot that has breakdancing moves.

Quotes Edit

The Helot occasionally makes comments while engaged in combat, getting hit, or killing a player.

  • "Minigun for the win."
  • "And i was bored already..."
  • "Did you try to sneak up on me?"
  • "Lets do this!"
  • "Who goes over there?"
  • "There we go..."
  • "Ow....hey!"
  • "I'm hit!"
  • "Affirmitive...responding."
  • "I have my target!"
  • "Oops...sorry about that."
  • "Target eliminated."
  • "For the Commonwealth!"
  • "I'm on my way."
  • "Medic!"

When going stealthed, the Elite Helot challenges you with these comments:

  • "Where'd he go?"
  • "Hey, fight me fair!"
  • "Thats it! Come out!"
  • "There you are!"
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