Elite Assassins are humanoid NPCs found during PvE missions, they can be fought as an uncommon enemy during Medium, High, Maximum, or Ultra-Max Security missions.

Overview Edit

Capable of using Stealth, these agents will attempt to Stun a player with a Sword attack, then slice at anyone nearby. They also have an SMG if they're forced into ranged combat, however it is significantly less dangerous than the Sword.

Elite Assassins are the bane of Robotics players - they can sneak up to turrets and other deployables and drop a satchel charge. When it explodes, it will stun nearby players, as well as significantly damage deployables.

It is very unlikely for any affected deployables to survive, even while being repaired by multiple Robotics, though it is possible.

Assassins also have a tendency for stunning Medics while facing large groups of enemies, however, it will be less likely to be attacked if you are hidding behind cover or not figthing, since Elite Assassins will always attack when there is a chance for other NPCs to eliminate you.

Aswell there is a pet version of the Elite Assassin, that has karate moves.

Tips Edit

  • Due to having a preference for melee, Assassins are easily controlled by the Knockback of the Assault's iMinigun.
  • Blocking using the Alt-fire of a melee weapon can greatly reduce the threat posed by an Assassin.
  • Occasionally, the Assassin's satchel charge will be dropped slightly further away from the turret/deployable than normal. Placing a Force Wall between the deployable and the satchel charge can save it, if done quickly.
  • In general, Assassins are only a threat if encountered while already engaged with large numbers of minion-class NPCs or another Agent.
  • Poison, Bleed, Ignite, Pain Guns or any DoT effect will force Elite Assassins out of stealth and will also make them switch to their weak SMG and attack the Player that put them out of stealth.
  • You always know if there is an Assassin around since it makes comments. If you know them all, you know when and whats hes gonna use.
  • Blocking with a Melee weapon that deals damage upon blocking forces him to use his weak SMG.

Known LootEdit


Elite Assassins make comments like:

  • Engaging!"
  • "Contact..."
  • "On my way!"

During stealth and in combat:

  • "Hehehehe" ( Decieving laugh )
  • "Thats it....stay right there"
  • "I can see you!"
  • "Nowhere to hiiiiide!"
  • "Hostile contact!"
  • "I'm hit!
  • "Ow im so goood!"
  • "Target...eliminated"
  • "1 down!"
  • "How did you see me!?"
  • "Looks like I'm not the only one with stealth!"

At time of death:

  • "I'll be back!"
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