Elite Alchemists are humanoid enemies that occasionally appear in PvE missions. They can be fought as bosses at the end of Solo missions, and as an uncommon enemy during High, Maximum, or Ultra-Max Security missions.

Elite Alchemist


Elite Alchemists are armed with a Commonwealth Security Rifle, a Healing Wave capable of healing himself and all nearby enemy units to full (or near full) health, healing himself with a Regeneration, as well as a Poison Aura, inflicting nearby players with a damage-over-time effect and reduced Protection, healing and speed.

Stealthed Recon players that have been afflicted with the Poison Aura will be visible while the debuff is active.

A pet version of the Elite Alchemist can be crafted called the Mini Alchemist.


  • The Elite Alchemist isn't much of a threat by himself. Take the time to clear out the other minions around him first.
  • Using the knockback of the Assault's iMinigun or Helot Minigun to pin the Alchemist into a corner is effective at controlling his movement.
  • After recieving a certain amount of damage, an Alchemist will activate a Regeneration (does not have damage penalty) and begin to rapidly regenerate health. Note: Since NPC's do not have a Power Pool, he will continue attacking.
  • Sometimes with enough health he runs to wounded companions, keep an eye out if he runs away to heal heavy wounded.
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