Dweller Sniper Rifle
 Repair {{{repair}}}
 Health {{{health}}}
 Duration {{{duration}}}
 Damage 1116
 Power Cost 15
 Fire Rate 0.9
 Range 300-350
 AoE Radius {{{aoerad}}}
 Healing {{{healing}}}
 Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}
 Prox. Distance {{{proxdist}}}
 Durability 100/100
 Precision rifle of Desert dweller origin
 Only fires while in scope
 -0% Cooldown
 +0% Damage
 +0% AoE Radius
 +0% Pet Health
 -0% Power Cost
 +0% Healing
 +0% Morale Required
 *-0% Cooldown
 *+0% Damage
 *+0% Pet Health
 *-0% Power Cost
 *+0% Healing
 Binds When Acquired.
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The Dweller Sniper Rifle is a ranged weapon exclusively available to the Recon class which sometimes drops in the Sonoran Desert and during related medium-security PvE missions. It is confirmed that the Elkas snipers found in the Sonoran Desert drop variations of this weapon. The weapon has variation mods of green and blue version. A blue Dweller Sniper Rifle [DD] being the most rare and sought after.

This Rifle excels at Sniper duels due to a knockback that freezes the redicule recovery of your targets briefly. And in [DD] it also prefered for Solo missions, due to its ability (in conjunction with a Lasting Damage consumeable) to one-shot Androids.

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