Name: Drunken Gamerz
Leader: Conrad
Location: US, Europe and Australia

DG Title Chrome White

Guild InformationEdit


DG is a new agency for the upcoming game, Global Agenda. We have members who are based in a variety of timezones. We are a group of gamers who established ourselves during beta to play with other people and become a force in AvA.




DG intends to expand its number base and through the support of our alliance, battle and conquer on the AvA field. While we intend to be heavily involved in AvA, DG members will also regularly involve themselves in standard PvP and PvE play. The agency will be accomodating for both subscribers and non-subscribers (though who wouldn't want to try and conquer the world in AvA?)

Recruitment Information:

DG are currently establishing themselves as a force in the game of Global Agenda and are looking for more people to join the agency. We are accepting new members and would ask that you apply to join the agency either in game or by joining the website. We are looking for all players interested in joining to apply. You do not have to be a subscriber to apply to the agency, though the more subscribers we get, the better we will be able to contribute to AvA combat.

To Apply, please do the following things:

1. Register to this agency website here (Please try and choose a username that matches your in-game name, otherwise it gets confusing).

2. Fill in the application form and contact an officer in game (chewi, conrad, Brett)

3. Post an introduction on the agency forums under 'introductions'