Name: Destinatus
Leader: Rukk
Location: Australia/Oceania


Who are We?

Destinatus are an Australian/Oceanic agency recruiting members who are serious about AvA in preparation for the upcoming oceanic AvA zones. We enjoy gaming and are in GA to have fun, but are serious about playing our best and working together as a team. While we don't necessarily expect our members to be the uberest players on the planet (though if you are, we are happy to accept you), we expect our members to adhere to the meaning of our agency name: Hard, Resolute and Determined. We expect to succeed through determination and teamwork.


We are currently recruiting members for our agency. To join this agency you will need the following things:

1. ventrilo and mic

2. willingness to subscribe

3. over 18 years of age

4. Are from the oceanic region

If you meet these requirements, you can apply at our website:


Our goals are to prepare our agency for AvA, especially focusing on the oceanic AvA zone when it is released. We plan to prepare ourselves by learning to play together and getting involved in AvA on weekends when possible.

We intend to remain a relatively small agency (no more than 30 key members) who are active and keen for AvA. Exceptions may be made for friends and family who play more casually.