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Death Company Gaming has it’s roots in multiple MMORPGs dating back nearly seven years with a background primarily based in Player vs. Player game play. To name a few we have excelled in Ultima Online, The Everquest Series, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes and City of Villains, Eve Online, World of Warcraft, LoTRO, Age of Conan, and Warhammer. We have excelled on all our respected servers in these games with a focus on PvP and raiding.

Death Company Leaders, Officers, and it’s Members understand the dynamics of the MMORPG and quickly adapt and learn the various systems within the game. We are active on the games official forums assisting the game developers with community feedback.

Death Company Leaders, Officers, and it’s Members are sound tacticians that can quickly identify and expose an enemies weaknesses in PvP. We know how to "focus fire” to chop down and destroy our enemy, it's what we do.


Name: Death Company Gaming
Leader: Psypher
Website: and
Location: Primarily in North America however, we do have active members from Europe as well as Australia
Alliance: {{{ALLIANCE}}}

Death Company is about the team, first and foremost. Without the team the Guild is nothing. Take care of your Guild mates, help them to excel as you have.

Our goals are to have the most successful Agency in Global Agenda. While other guilds settle for mediocrity, we strive for excellence. End-game is our focus. PVP is first and foremost. Raiding and crafting for enhancing our PvP experience is without exception. Beating our competition into submission is our job.

Rank StructureEdit

We have a very streamlined Rank structure to maximize efficiency. Explanations of ranks and their responsibilities are listed below.

Guild LeaderEdit

The decision maker. Ultimately responsible for the success and image of the Guild. Responsible for establishing a rank structure and providing a general focus for the Guild.


Manages Guild Events or “Raids”. Officers are responsible for resource management and gathering operations. Responsible for compiling and briefing intelligence data. Designated Officers will act as liaisons to other "friendly" Agencies. All Death Company officers have completed a [DcG] Officer program which consists of the required reading of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" and subsequent essay relating Sun Tzu's philosophy to PvP warfare. Officers have typically been with the guild for over four years.


Responsible for intelligence gathering operations. Assists Officers in the execution of their duties. Often Veterans may be used to fill positions normally held by a Guild Officer. Veterans have typically been with the guild for over two years.


Responsible for your actions and the actions of members around you. Expected to help when asked and offer advice if you know something that may help enhance them in-game. Expected to project a positive image of Death Company.


New additions to the Death Company family. Expected to project a positive image of Death Company.



We are not currently recruiting.


Death Company is not looking for any new additions at the moment however, we are always looking for extraordinary talent. All are welcome to submit an application and we will select people that "jump" out at us. We encourage everyone to join our Steam group and jump in one of our L4D and/or TF2 games.