In Global Agenda there are three major damage types, and in addition four additional special damage types.

Major Damage TypesEdit


Melee weapons are close combat weapons used to strike your target. These weapons have the advantage of not requiring energy to attack. Some melee weapons allow blocking of others melee attacks. All of the weapons have special effects triggered by certain conditions, such as striking from behind or attacking mechanical targets.

All devices which are equipped in the Melee device slot deal Melee damage.


Ranged weapons are direct fire weapons, firing from the device to a specific target. Ranged weapons deal damage only to the target they hit. Examples include Rifles, Shotguns, Personal Turret and minigun.

All devices except the Rumbleblaster that are equipped in the Range device slot deal Ranged damage. The minigun family of Assault Specialty devices also are ranged weapons.

All Ranged weapons are Hitscan.


Area of Effect (AOE) devices are weapons which attack an area instead of a single target. Most of these devices explode with contact to an enemy, causing damage in an extending radius. Examples include Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher and Mines.

Special Damage TypesEdit


Poison applies itself as a DoT, and generally comes with additional debuffs such as lowered protection or healing taken.


Ignite effects apply as a DoT, sometimes after initial AoE damage.


Knockback damage will knock the target away from the point of impact. Knockback range may vary.


Decreases movement speed. This can be self-inflicted in the case of weapons such as the Minigun. (NOTE: This does not deal damage)


Every damage type has it's own Protection type associated to it. It is important to note that Ranged protection will not protect from AoE damage.

Poison and Ignite DoTs can be removed by Medics with Healing Grenades or Healing Wave.

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