Cyber Punks

This is the listing for the agency Cyber Punks within Global Agenda


Name: Cyber Punks
Leader: Kreeper
Location: West Coast (We accept members from any location/timezone)
Alliance: N/A

Guild Information:

We are straight, and to the point:

First and foremost we aren't going to eat up your time with beauracratic bullsh*t. You all know that I can preach some big long laundry list of bullsh*t about all of our accomplishments in the last 20 MMO's we've all been a part of in some form, but were not going to do that either.You arent' going to swear any sacred oath, like you're joining a weird gaming cult either.

One word, HARDCORE are you?

Cyber Punks is nothing like any group you've applied to before. Our strength is in our freedom to be individuals. We are an agency that operates in a free-market. We don't care what you do or how you do it, so long as you win. In Cyber Punks, preference is only given to those who succeed. We expect results, and this guild is only for those who seek to be on the cutting edge of the learning curve. Casual gamers need not apply. If you're the kind of person who can't be bothered to read the story as it develops, [CP] is for you.

Are you tired of being in a clusterf*ck where it doesn't matter if you are there or not?

Do you want to be noticed if you are not present?

Do you want to have the feeling that you actually did something?

Tired of all the guilds/agencies that have tons of members and all they do is smacktalk?

This is an agency that counts in quality, not quantity.

If you think this is the right guild for you, please go here to APPLY.