This is the listing for the agency Conviction within Global Agenda


Name: Conviction
Leader: OneFire
Location: United Kingdom

Agency InformationEdit

Conviction is a newly formed agency specially for European players who would like to take part in campaigns on Global Agenda.
We aim to provide a few basic things for our members, including -
- Competitive Gaming
- Mature Environment
- Friendly Atmosphere
- A team of skilled players who are willing to work together
Currently the age requirement for applications is 18+ (Possible exceptions for close friends/family of members), and anyone applying is expected to have
a good amount of past MMO/FPS experience. Recruitment will also be turning invite only when the member count is nearing 15, to ensure only players known to be mature and skilled join.


Conviction currently has over 45 members -
OneFire (CEO)
SighPolice (Co-CEO)
Benmou13 (Captain)
Snug (Tactical Officer)
Cush (Recruitment Officer)
Latency (Soldier)
Ubercheese (Soldier)
Anna (Soldier)
Kal-Shadah (Soldier)
CyRox (Soldier)
Cheven (Soldier)
ApeZZZ (Soldier)
WireWraith (Soldier)
Zenn (Soldier)
Soul99 (Recruit)
Dyce (Recruit)


The current ranking system is subject to change when we are established in Global Agenda.


The CEO makes a lot of the end decisions with the input of officers/members, and (currently) maintains the website and Ventrilo server.


The Co-CEO assists the CEO with the running of the Agency, helping with all major management decisions.


The role of the Captain is to develop, coordinate and balance the squad sections.

Recruitment OfficerEdit

The Recruitment Officer reviews all player applications for acceptance/rejection, as well as actively seeking out new members to join the Agency

Diplomatic OfficerEdit

The Diplomatic Officer manages alliances and communication with other agencies.

Tactical OfficerEdit

The Tactical Officer will develop tactics for each of the maps, and pass them on to the squads.


Soldiers are the core of the Agency, tasked with working as a team and helping us beat the opposition.


Recruits are members who have been accepted for a trial period, to determine if they are Conviction material or not.


Conviction is currently open and accepting applications on the forums.