Colony sand spider

Colony Sand Spider

Colony Sand Spider (not to be confused with Sand Spiders located in North Sonora) are six-legged, mechanical, spider-like robots.


These foes are mostly located in the ruins arround The Crater in the Sonoran Desert Region. Sometimes Sand Spiders are also seen in the proximity of the small Colony Node between the New Yuma Ruins and The Crater.

They are buried in the ground and will unbury themselves and attack players passing nearby. While buried in the sand, the Spider keeps up growling, sizzling noise, which helps in deducting it's approximate location.

They have a basic attack consisting in a burst of energy balls that can hit for arround 300 damage each.

Colony Sand Spiders have high HP.

Known LootEdit

Colony Sand Spiders have double loot meaning destroying one will award 2 of one of the following items:

  • T1 Armored Plate
  • Simple Power Cell
  • X1 Microprocessor (Rare loot)
  • T2 Armored Plate (Very rare Loot)
  • X8 Nanoprocessor

Alternate FormsEdit