Colony guardian

Colony Guardian firing its autogun

Support Guardians are floating mechanical NPCs which appear during defense raids and some raid missions.Has been sighted around the Ruins of Brookside.


Colony Guardians are armed with an Auto Cannon and a tracking Rocket Launcher. Both weapons are fairly powerful and can take down an agent in a few seconds.

While the Rocket Launcher will lock-on and track a target, the missile itself will not avoid obstacles, it is easy to lead it into a pillar or other obstruction, but players should be careful since the rocket has high AoE.

Colony Guardians will fly in a semi-erratic pattern - they can be annoyingly difficult to hit.

As a Mechanical NPC, they are vulnerable to the effects of an EMP Bomb and related debuffs.

Colony Guardias are very resistent and can take a lot of punishment before being destroyed.

Known LootEdit

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Alternate formsEdit

  • Colony Overseer (Appears only in Recursive Colony medium-security PvE missions and as final boss during some North Sonoran missions)
  • Support Guardian (Appears as alarm responder during Ultra maximun security missions)