Colony drone mk. II

Colony Drone MK. II


The Colony Drone MK. II is an Colony soldier holding a sniper rifle. This drone can attack from great distances and can deal some moderate damage. This drone picks the first spotted target and remains on his foe untill he finds another player. Aswell the drone remains his focus on you when behind cover. You can see his red laser sight on what he is exactly aiming for, and can be spotted by Recon players with ease. The accuarcy of the Colony Drone MK. II is huge so count his shots and make special steps to avoid his fire.

When players get hit by his sniper rifle ( looks like an Green quality Rumbleblaster with some small different attachments ) the player that gets hit recieves an debuff wich decreases Speed and Movement. This can be cured by an Medic's Healing Wave unless the Medic himself got hit.