Colony assault drone

Crouched Colony Assault Drone near Dome City.

Recursive Colony drones suited for asault pourposed, currently trying to invade Dome city performing continous relentles assaults against its defenses, these drones can be found in North Sonora, near Dome City north gate fighting its defenders.


Colony Assault Drones use the basic drone model and are armed with an assault blaster.

They have a moderate amount of health and deal light damage, but they re-spawn pretty fast and in large numbers.

Colony Assault Drones do not reward experience since they have a very fast re-spawn timer and being concentrated in a single zone, causing an advantage situation fo Robotics to get lot of exprience very fast just by idling while repairing their turrets.

known LootEdit

  • Heavy Fuse wiring (mission item)

Alternate formsEdit