Equipment is any item that may be equipped as well as an item that is a physical object that is player-controlled or influenced, such as pets.

Rarity and Quality Edit

There are four color-coded levels of equipment.

Common which has a grey background and no special qualities.

Uncommon which has a green background and one special quality (denoted by one letter after the name of the item, e.g. [d] ; [p] )

Rare which has a blue background and two special qualities (denoted by two letters after the name of the item, e.g. [dd] ; [dp] )

Epic which has a purple background and three special qualities (denoted by three letters after the name of the item, such as [ddd] or [dpp] )

Common items can be bought from the "standard equipment" vendor in the respective class shops for 1000 credits each and cannot be modded. Common armor pieces can be sold for 500 credits but common weapons cannot be sold, only deleted.

Uncommon, rare and epic items can be looted as end of Missions. They can either be used, salvaged for components to use in consumable crafting, or sold to any vendor for 1,000 / 2,000 / or 4,000 credits.

Quality CodesEdit


  • d - Damage
  • h - Healing Strength
  • r - Range
  • q - Effective Range
  • p - Power Cost
  • a - Accuracy
  • c - Cooldown
  • t - Duration
  • l - Pet Duration
  • nv - Pet Health


  • n - Health
  • b - AOE Defense
  • m - Melee Defense
  • r - Range Denfense

Mercenary and Conquest Gear Edit

Specific epic versions of the standard items can be purchased from the "Mercenary Gear" vendor for each class and there are special epic items available from the "Conquest Vendor" in each class store.

The items for sale on the mercenary vendor all cost either 6,000 or 30,000 tokens and have a chance to be dropped as mission loot at the end of a mission. (Exception: OC items which cost 30,000 tokens have an inherent 3% bonus to the base stats and cannot be looted.)

The 7,500 token items on the conquest vendor can NOT be looted as end of mission loot. It is therefore wise when first starting to equip a character to purchase whatever conquest items you want first, and then buy only the mercenary items that you haven't looted yet after you have all of your conquest items.

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