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Global agenda has four classes, each representing a different archetype customizable through device selection and skill trees. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses and is a valuable team member becoming stronger while supported with teamwork. Knowledge of the classes will improve your ability in all game modes.

While your class selection will not change, you can gain new profiles which allow you to change device and skills to customized presets.

Assaults roles range from being the durable spearhead driving forward through enemies to raining down explosives through grenade and missile launchers.

Medics main role is the support of their team through healing and other beneficial effects, however they have access to a wide range of offensive and healing devices as well as a skill tree purely devoted to poison and offensive skills.

Recons represent a range of attacking methods from snipers to rapid fire weapons. Their tools include mines, stealth and even the ability to increase their teammates damage.

Robotics use machines in addition to their guns to support their teammates and attack their enemies. These include stations, turrets and drones.

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